Sunday, September 26, 2010

12 Weeks and Nursery Ideas

Hey everyone, so I think this little baby has been doing some growing this week because I sure have felt tired! In the prior weeks it seemed like my focus was on food, but now my focus has been on sleep! I have taken a 20 minute nap everyday for a week now, usually I'd be lucky to get 2-3 in a week. On top of that I've been going to bed early too! Wow! As a result of all this sleep, this baby sure seems to be growing. I feel like my lower abdomen has finally "popped" as you can see from the pic to the left and to the right. Usually that part of my hip/low abs was flat...but no more. Pop goes the baby! ( : I'm excited that it's growing!
12 weeks

Other than the fatigue and growing feelings, week number 12 has treated me very well! Next week the baby will graduate from a plum to a peach!

Starting to pop out a bit!

Now anyone who has ever been pregnant can probably remember the common questions that people ask you when you're expecting. Here's the list of my top four most commonly asked questions or comments:
1- "You're showing already!" (Yes, I'm 3 months pregnant should I not be showing?!)
2- "Have you been sick at all?" (Luckily I have not, yeah!)
3- "Are you going to find out whether it's a girl or boy?" (You bet! We are counting down the days! But we have about 7-8 weeks still to go!)
4- "What are your nursery ideas?" (Let me get back to you on that one!)

Up until the last few weeks I had a few nursery ideas, but no real plans. So lately I've been browsing around the internet looking for colors/themes/and styles I like and I figured I share with you all what I found. For starters, here's what the room looks like to begin with. It's kind of a smaller room, but I think it will work perfect for a nursery. Just a note, the color of the walls will be staying the same. When we had our house painted this summer with a healthy, zero-VOC paint we picked this color out (we love tans and neutrals) and I want to keep it as the main color and just add accent colors once we know the sex.

My blank-slate of a nursery.

My baby vision board wall.

Also, you might be wondering what's up on the walls of that 3rd pic, well that's my baby vision boards. I discovered vision boards after reading The Secret and I have several scattered around the house. I use them for daily motivation, to remind me what I'm working for, and just as a place to put ideas. For example, I have several baby products on this baby vision board that I came across before I was pregnant that I didn't want to forget, so I put them here. My vision boards are constantly changing, but I love them and the purpose they serve for me. ( :

Okay okay, so onto the nursery ideas!
If the baby is a boy here are two rooms I like. You can probably tell right away that I'm digging the Chinese lanterns above the cribs, since that's in both room pics...and you're right! I like the pic below because that's the wall color of our room, and I like how they tie in those different accent colors. So, basically if it were to be a boy, the room colors would be: tan, teal, orange, green, and dark brown.

Photo credits

Now onto if the baby is a girl! I'm a little bit more picky about girl rooms and I wasn't able to find one that really clicked with me so I have several ideas that I want to incorporate into the room, so bare with me here if it all seems confusing! The first thing I definitely want to have is a tree of some sort, I really love this pic to the left of the cherry blossom tree with the monkey. I'd like to have the tree kind of leaning over the crib and since my mom is quite the painting artist I am going to have her help me paint this one! (Please ignore the other side pics to the tree pic, they are not my favorite, but they came with the pic!)

The next thing I would like in the baby girl room would be for the accent colors to be: light pink, lime green and dark brown. As you can see in the pic below that incorporates all of these colors. Just a note, I will be having all white baby furniture ( :


Okay, so that's not much if it's a little girl, but it's hard to find complete rooms that fit you're style perfectly. But at least this will get me started! I'm sure the planning will become much more real when we know the sex of the baby!

Well I hope you have enjoyed the belly pics and nursery ideas. I know I am always curious how other pregnant mamas plan their nursery rooms, so I figured I would give you a little sneak peak of mine. I got most of these pics off of, and a few others were just from Googling the nursery room colors I liked. Do remember what it was like planning your baby's nursery? Anything you all would recommend or resources that worked for you? I am open to any ideas! ( :

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 11...Ashley We Have a Heartbeat!

Hey fellow bloggers, hope you all had a good week. B and I had a lot of fun on Monday night because we got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time! It took our midwife a minute to find it, but when we did, we both got this huge grin on our faces! What a fun memory we will have now about that special moment. I bet all you moms out there can remember what it was like to hear the heartbeat for the first time! As far as everything else goes, my midwife said that everything looks great and we'll meet with her again in 4-5 weeks when I'm about 16 weeks along.

I can't really complain much about how I've been feeling this week, my appetite for food is coming back around...especially for sweets! Thank goodness for Kelly's blog which I've mentioned on here many times before: The Spunky Coconut. I made a rocking batch of her gluten-free, vegan brownies and I topped them with this frosting from another blog I like to follow.

After I made them and took a bite and they were so amazing that I almost send B a picture of them with the caption: "OMG!!!!!" The pic to the left does not do them much justice because it was the last one left of the batch...but you get the idea! After coming home and tasting them, B agreed that they were one of the best desserts I have ever made- score! Thank you fellow bloggers for your awesome recipes! I know what I'll be bringing to holiday gatherings now! The best part of these brownies is that there's no sugar! It uses almond butter, applesauce, cocoa powder, and coconut sugar as the main've got to try this awesome recipe!
Coconut sugar
Here's the kind of coconut sugar I got from my local health food store for about $8-9. Also, here's what it looks you can see from the pic it looks a lot like brown sugar and it tastes like it too! No coconut taste, just a natural, yummy sugar alternative.

While I'm on the topic of food, I've been loving these chip/crackers called: "Beanitos". You can read more about them on the link, but the ones I tried are the "Pinto Bean and Flax" flavor, and on top of having tons of protein and fiber, they have a nice and short ingredient list...and best of all- they taste good! I ate about half the bag on my way home from the store, and I'm trying to hold off on eating the second half until at least tomorrow! LOL. I got mine at my local health food store, has anyone else ever tried these? If so, what do you think?

Clothes update: So as you've seen in my posts over the past few weeks, I've been adjusting to my changing body with a few wardrobe changes. So it was fun this week to try out some of my new outfits. The only problem is that I'm not quite "big enough" (referring to my belly) to fill the clothes out, so they just look kind of big on me. Which, at this point, isn't so bad since I was squeezing myself to death trying to fit into my old clothes, but still not the most comfortable feeling.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when I tried wearing these "Belly Leggings". They are a super comfy fabric and the top of them actually goes up and above your stomach like most maternity pants which is great, unless you don't have a big pregnant belly to keep them up. The leggings seemed fine while I was at home, but when I got to school and I was walking around, they began to fall down!!! AHHHH!!!! Now although I have a little baby bump, it was not enough to keep these leggings up! So all day I kept having to pull them up. I tried rolling the top down, it just fell faster then. Oh boy. See the pic to the right- can you see how much space is between my belly button and the crotch of the pants, goodnight! Luckily I had a very long shirt/dress on that day, so no one could tell, but still I knew! Let's just say I won't be wearing those for a few more months! LOL!! ( :

Really leggings...really?
Well that about sums up my week, I feel like my blog has took a turn for the boring with all this talk about maternity clothes and what foods I'm craving at the moment. But, hopefully some of you find it interesting and maybe there's someone out there who is curious what pregnancy is like other than what the "books" tell them (I know I was). On top of that, I feel like this will be a fun way for me to look back and remember what it was like being pregnant, I even had an idea that maybe I could combine all my posts into a scrapbook of some sort. Who knows...( : Have a good week! By the way, our baby is now the size of a plum!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 Weeks...Time for New Clothes!

So fellow greenies, some things have changed since last week, mainly in the form of my lower abdomen growing in size! I've got my baby bump now see the pic to the right! As a result, this week seems to be all about clothes! I seem to have lost the passion I had for foods last week and this week nothing really sounds good. I've haven't thrown up or even felt nauseous, it's just that when it comes time to eat I don't know what to eat since nothing looks appealing, which makes cooking dinner kind of hard. New foods are still enjoyable, but that's about it. My cravings have switched to sweets like cake with icing and Milk Duds (doubt they make those gluten-free and vegan!).

On to the last weekend my mom and I went shopping for some comfortable clothes at the mall. I was mainly in the market for some cute shirts since my old ones seemed so tight on my growing tummy. We had a lot of luck at Forever 21 and I was just able to get certain styles that tied in the front or back (good for a growing tummy), as well buying one size up from my usual (although it doesn't do them much justice, here they are to the left). I also got a few new bras (sorry if this is TMI, but when you're pregnant, I've come to learn that this is a must!). I came across the Maidenform brand at Kohls and I love it! It has something called "Dreamwire" which makes the under wire portion so much more comfortable than traditional has been a godsend this past week! Thanks Maidenform!

New clothes!
Now at the start of last week, I was still rocking the rubber band trick, but as the week progressed (actually by Tuesday) it was time for the Bella Band! This has been great to have, because as the week went on I had to unzip my pants lower and lower to stay comfortable throughout the day, luckily Bella Band covered this up and kept my pants up. As great as the Bella Band is, come Saturday I knew what I had to do...go shopping for MATERNITY PANTS- gasp! Ha ha! I had a feeling it would only be a matter of time before the rest of my pants would be out of commission (see the official week 10 pic for this week and you'll see why!), so I called my emergency shopping pal (my awesome mom) and off we went.

The first place we went was Target...bad idea. They had several cute tops, but when it came to pants they had the following in their maternity section: 1 style of jeans, 1 style of black pants, and 1 style of khaki pants. After trying the jeans on, and not liking the fit (I'm kind of short and so they went really long), I almost had a "Pregnazilla" moment! Then my mom calmly suggested we try Motherhood Maternity- good thinking mom! Before we left I did manage to find some cute black maternity tights by the same brand that makes my Bella band, so I didn't leave there empty handed.

Mama needs some maternity jeans!
Next we went to Motherhood Maternity, it's a "pregnant girl who has nothing to wear" dream! So many options, so many styles and sizes of jeans- yeah! After finding the styleI liked and a size that fit (they have petite sizes!) I fell in love with my very first pair of maternity jeans! They were so much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my old jeans! I ended up having so much luck here that I got a pair of black dress pants, and khakis...I feel so much better now! I actually want to get dressed in the morning, instead of thinking, well what can I squeeze myself into today!

So after all this shopping, I finally did some cleaning out of my closet (literally) and put all my pre-pregnancy pants and some tops down in the basement. I figured, if I can't wear it, why do I want it taking up space in my closet? Plus with the seasons about to change this was a must on my cleaning to-do list anyways. See all those clothes to the left, good-bye! Normally I'd be sad about all those clothes I can't wear, but the last thing I want to do is be uncomfortable for 8 hrs. wearing it was easy to say goodbye!

Goodbye old clothes!

Wow, enough jabbering about clothes! Another highlight of the week is that the baby has now graduated from a prune to the size of a lime. I don't know about you guys but I've seen both big and little limes, so I'll just pretend it's somewhere in the middle. I wonder what exciting changes this week will have in store for me? Anyone else remember what it was like buying maternity clothes for the first time? Did you have any favorite places to buy maternity clothes? I am open to any pregnant mama wisdom! ( :

Saturday, September 4, 2010

9 Weeks and Food is on My Mind!

Hey everyone! So my little olive has graduated to a prune (for this upcoming week), not exactly the cutest name for the week, but glad it's getting bigger! Brandon likes to call it Pruno, as in Bruno, So here's what's been going on this week:

-Clothes. On to the topic of clothes, let me just say thank you to those of you who suggested the rubber band-button trick (Erica!) because it has been a life-saver this week! I did also purchase a Bella Band, but this rubber band trick has been working pretty good, so I'm going to see how long I can make it last. Here I am with my favorite pair of jean capris that I'm determined to make last for at least a few more weeks, maybe I should try to find a cute color rubber band? Oh well, usually my shirts are long enough to cover it. By the way, this week I was able to start feeling a hard feeling above my pubic bone up to my bikini line (sorry for the weird description, this is hard to describe!) anyways, this is my growing uterus! So excited to feel the beginning of the baby! With this growing tummy, it's time to go shopping! Today my mom and I are going to hit up the mall for some "comfortable" clothes, as I like to call it. I feel like it's too early to say "maternity" clothes, but clearly I do need some new, more comfortable clothes because right now all my shirts seem way too tight!

-Fighting off a cold. So around Wednesday I started to have feel a lot of allergy symptoms, runny nose, sneezing 10 times in a row, a sore throat, and a good dose of exhaustion. After taking some natural, pregnancy approved supplements, I was still battling some pretty heavy congestion on Thursday. So, I went to my chiropractor and she saved the day! She did some type of electro-acupuncture stimulation on my sinuses and about 2 hours later I could actually breathe! After that I started to feel much, much better. Also, I have been trying to get lots of sleep and naps lately, so I think this helped too, because as of now, I have no more cold symptoms- yeah!
-Craving NEW foods. So this baby must have quite a curious appetite, because the only thing it craves are new foods, not the same old gluten-free, vegan regular treats and meals I usually had, those must be old and wants something new. Luckily it seems to be okay with minor changes to the usual foods I eat, like a different flavor or brand. Here's a pic of some of my favorite foods at the moment (knowing my body and this baby...this will probably change by the end of this week- lol!) Starting at the left: Sticks and Twigs by Mary's Crackers, any type of spaghetti sauce, new flavor of Costco organic salsa, my orange-flavored CalMag supplement (strange right? But it's so good!), Tropicana Orange Juice (thanks to my hubby), Larabars (Cashew Cookie is my fav), Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips, and Agave-Sweetened Fruit Snacks. So that's a pretty random assortment of items, but that's what baby likes right now, so I'm sticking with it!
My current cravings...

One thing I have noticed is that I crave a lot of the foods I had growing up, primarily spaghetti (the first thing I learned to cook on my own), biscuits (another childhood fav), and gummy things just to name a few. Here's what I found to curb my gummy craving without gelatin, sugar, and food colorings...Agave Fruit Slices from my local health food store. Here's a pic of the ingredients and price (ouch!) for those of you that are interested, granted not all the ingredients are super healthy, it's much better than the ones I would have found at Wal-Mart.
Agave fruit slices.

Going along with this whole "I love NEW foods" theme, I've been really excited to find some amazing bread recipes on this awesome blog called The Spunky Coconut. For those of you who don't know, I can't have milk, eggs, gluten, or yeast because of food sensitives, so I'm left with not much choices in the area of bread. Usually I do just fine with my Brown Rice tortilla shell, but little prune is getting bored with them. So, when I saw that she posted this recipe for gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free biscuits one day, I knew I had to try them. The verdict...delicious! I even made them again this morning! With some vegan butter and organic strawberry jam, yummy (see the pic below)! I, or should I say little prune, wants to try out her recipes for: cinnamon rolls, sandwich buns, and chocolate brownies...all of which are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and yeast-free! Can you tell that pregnancy has made me quite a fan of food, it seems like all I talk about anymore. ( :
Gluten-free vegan biscuits...yum!

Anyone remember what things were like when you were 9 weeks pregnant? I'd love to hear... ( :
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