Sunday, December 19, 2010

24 Weeks and Nursery Projects

Hey everyone, hope you all are having fun gearing up for the holidays. Things have been busy around here as I have been tapping into my motherly nesting instinct! Granted I'm only 24 weeks pregnant, so I have a while until Baby Avery will be here, but it sure has been fun planning, crafting, and preparing her nursery. As you can see, she's growing right along. Her "food size" this week is an eggplant, and all of my baby Apps seem to be telling me that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball! Wow! I've been feeling great and truly enjoying feeling her kick and move around, as it has been increasing in frequency and strength in the last week or so.

Since she's grown so much lately, I feel like I'm moving into "phase 2" so to speak, in maternity clothes. About two weeks ago, I was still able to fit into a few pre-pregnancy shirts, but those days are done and now nearly all I wear are maternity shirts, which is fine with just feels funny to have practically my entire wardrobe down in storage. Thank goodness for Target and Motherhood Maternity for helping me to replenish my dwindling clothing options at this point!

Well, enough about me...let's move onto the nursery! Sorry greenies who just want some smoothie recipes or green tips, I promise I'll be posting some soon. Nursery and baby ideas have preoccupied my mind (and blog) as you can tell at the moment, but I have many green posts brewing on the back burner that I will post in the next few weeks when I have more free time during my Christmas Break from school.

So the last time I posted, I told you guys all about the tree my mom and I painted in Avery's room and it wasn't long before we were onto our next two projects: designing some way to display her name in the room and painting some large flowers to go up next to the mirror above her dresser. Here are the completed projects to the left, and now I'll break down the details as to how we did each one.

So the first one we worked on was the hanging name letters. After some Googling, I found these cool letters and from there my mom and I brainstormed how we could make these ourselves and tweak the design a little bit.

Step 1: Purchased 5 thin wooden circles from a local craft supply store, along with ribbon, and flowers. We decided on fake flowers, instead of cut-outs like the website.
Step 2: With the help of an overhead projector, we typed up Avery's name, shined it onto some cardboard and made templates that we would later trace onto the wooden circles. We also made a template for the dots that we were planning on using on the circles.

Step 3: Paint the circles. We used the same paint from the cherry blossom tree (there was tons left). We began with the bottom color being light pink, then we traced on the dots and letters, next we painted the dots dark pink and the letters dark brown.

Step 4: Assembly...yikes! This is the part that we didn't think would take long, but oh boy it did! We had to prepare the ribbon, cut the fake pink flowers, and then glue them all on with a hot glue gun. Here's my mom trying to get the measurements exact...not a fun job!

Step 5: Put them on the wall...even bigger YIKES! This step took us quite awhile because we had to hot glue a small hanging hook onto the back of the ribbon so they would stay on the wall, and then we had to try and get them all to look nice, straight, and even. Eventually we got them up and they looked great. My mom and I were both very happy that Avery only has 5 letters in her name...any more and we might have just bought the ones we saw originally online! LOL ( :

Here I am with the finished product, I love how it turned out! Below is this storage shelf I got from Land of Nod, which I put together all by myself- thank you very much! I usually leave this task up to Brandon, but what can I say...nesting instincts and being impatient do not mix well, so I got it put together all by myself! Yeah yeah! it helped that Land of Nod has video assembly instructions on their website- he he! I also filled it with 4 canvas storage containers that match the room, also from Land of Nod.

The next project my mom and I worked on was some decorative flowers to go on both sides of a mirror I got from Lowe's that's hanging above her dresser. We found these funky 3-D flowers at our local craft supply store when we were looking for supplies to make the hanging name letters, and we knew we just had to have them! I forgot to take a pic of them when we first got them, but they were pretty busy with teal, pink, and lime green stripes, dots, and squiggles. Since this did not match the nursery in any way, we knew we had to do some painting on them to make them match the room more closely.

Here's how we did it:
Step 1: Painted them white to give us a blank canvas to work with! Here's one to the right, after many coats of primer!

Step 2: Once we got all the cluttery-design cleared off we brainstormed what we wanted these flowers to look like. We knew we wanted to incorporate the pinks, green, and brown of the room but we weren't sure how. So my mom took a paper template of the flowers home that night and drew up a few of which I fell in love with!!!!! Here is the final product with dark pink metal petals, a light pink base with brown dots, a brown center with a cool quote (two of my favorite inspirational words are: Peace and Love, so this was an easy choice!) as well as a light green leaf (which is painted onto the wall).

Step 3: Now that we had our design, it was time to paint, I took on painting the curvy metal petals, and my mom tackled the detail work like adding the dots, and writing the letters. Thank you for your steady hand mom!
Step 4: Time to hang them! Unfortunately there was no type of hanging apparatus to these flowers, so we had to get creative and make our own, simple right- get hanging brackets from the store, screw them on, and put it on the wall. Well, it wasn't quite that easy. To make a long story short, we finally got them up on the wall in the correct place, even, and just took us a little longer than expected. But they were worth the work, because they are one of my favorite features of the room now! I think they really bring life to that boring wall that just had a mirror.

Here's a pic of the them up on the wall, next to the mirror so you can get the full effect. You might recognize those paper pom poms, which I used to decorate at the Gender Reveal Party we had awhile back. Aside from bringing some fun texture into the room, they also have some special meaning to us as well. I got them off

So that about wraps up the nursery room projects my mom and I have been working on (sorry to bore any of you with the million details, it's just that I always seem to find fun decor ideas on blogs or websites, but nobody explains how they did hopefully someone may get some use out this!). The next area we plan on working on is the nook with the recliner by the window, which you can see looking oh so boring in this post. We already have a few small projects done in this area, but we hope to work on the window treatment this week, so wish us luck!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

22 Weeks and Nursery Tree

Hey everyone, so it's been quite a fun week this week as Avery's nursery is really coming together. I'll talk more about that later, but for now here's some belly pics! I'm at 22 weeks right now and I feel great! Sometimes I can hardly tell I am pregnant...other than my growing belly!

My new view when I look down.

21 weeks
Somedays I wake up and I'm like, "I think she grew overnight! Look at my stomach!" This week she is around the size of a papaya, I remember back when she was just a little olive and then a peach, boy do the weeks go by fast! The other pic here in the pink shirt (wonder why I'm wearing that color?!) is from Week 21 where you can really see the change in my belly. Keep growing Baby Avery!

Another fun change has been feeling her kick, which has really picked up this past week. She tends to kick most right after I've eaten, and especially after dinner when I drink my pregnancy tea. Her new favorite time to kick also seems to be right when I lay down to go to sleep. The kicks are getting stronger now and B can even feel them, which has been really fun. We'll be sitting on the couch watching TV and I'll be like, "Give me your hand!" He loves it when she gives a few real strong kicks ( : As I'm typing this now, I just had my "Peachy Kale smoothie" and she is kicking away, so I that must her way of saying "Hello!" to the blog world.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have been busy with my mom working on Avery's room and our main project this week has been a cherry blossom tree which she drew and painted onto the wall above her crib. Here's a little how we did it....

1. Here's the post where I talk about where I got the idea from, and from there my mom drew out a sample tree and traced it onto a large piece of paper. Then she cut it out and we put it up on the wall where we were planning to paint it (with pretend paper flowers and leaves, and an outline of a monkey). This really helped us to decide on the placement, size, and color of the tree without having to paint it and then want to change it.

Our "rough draft tree".

2. Then we bought the paint (small samples from Home Depot that only cost about $3 a need to buy a whole quart for our small little project!). Then she traced the "paper tree" and took down the paper.

3. Next it was time to paint! Here she is painting about having a "Grandma Glow" going on! ( :

After about 2 days of painting (with a few breaks to plan our early baby shower and shop for a few items for the nursery) we were done!
Here's the finished pictures:

As you can see it hangs over the crib a bit, which I love! In case you're wondering, we were going for the "cherry blossom tree-look" mainly because Brandon and I love Asian decor and I love the simplicity of it. Hopefully Avery likes it too!

Here's a fun detail of the tree: a little monkey we like to call Marley. In getting ideas for this tree, some other trees I found online had cute little monkeys hanging from them, and so my awesome and creative mom drew up this adorable little guy. I love him!

Little Marley the Monkey
Another detail of the tree I like is B and I's initials that we painted onto the tree, as though they were carved. Kind of a fun way to personalize this tree even more.

Our initials.

Here's my mom (aka the creative genius behind this
awesome tree).

Here's one last pic of the tree, crib, and recliner that you can see when you stand at the door to the nursery. You can see I have some sample fabric in the crib to help me decide on what I want to use to make her bedding. I'm sure I'll have a post coming up about that soon! But for now it looks like stripe and polka dots. As for now, my mom and I are just kind of taking it one project at a time and on the agenda for next week is some type of hanging letters to say her name on the opposite wall of the tree...let the fun continue!

Has anyone else ever created wall art like the tree before in your baby's room? If so, what did you do? I'd love to hear your stories! ( :
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