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Three Months of Avery in One Post!

Hey everybody! I know, I know I am pretty far behind when it comes to my Avery updates! With the tech issues I had back in November (where I lost all pictures on my blog), to keeping up with my life as a working mom, these sweet little monthly recap posts have fallen to the wayside. But it's time for an update and instead of thinking, "Well, I'm just too far behind to post them now." I'm going to combine the last three months into one post and start fresh from there. So here we go...

So let's get right into it with month number 19...

19 Months Old

I figured I'd stage the photo shoot while doing her favorite
activity, sitting at the sink.

1. Favorite thing to do: Sit at the sink. I think this came about one day when she was asking to help me cook and I knew I didn't want her sitting on counter...but the sink seemed a little least the windowsill is behind her. Don't worry, I'm always right there though. So the infamous "sit sink" position was born.  When sitting in the sink she likes to play with the water, eat snacks, and "help" me cook.

"Just washing my feet off!"

"More sit sink!"

Other favorite thing to do: Walks with Daddy...with sunglasses. When the weather was a bit warmer, this was a weekly tradition for these two. They would grab their sunglasses, their hats, the stroller, and a snack and then take off around the neighborhood.

"Bye Mom!"

"You ready Dad?

"Off with your glasses!"

And just like that, she's crying...
welcome to toddlerhood. What was
she crying about you may ask?
She saw Dad's car and wanted to ride
in it instead, lol. 

Some veggie straws helped turn that frown upside down,
and before you knew they were good to go.

2. Favorite food: Chips and salsa.  She's shown her love for this snack before, but one evening we went to a local Mexican restaurant and she proved just how much they are her favorite by asking "Chips and salsa please!" the second we sat down at our table.

Going for the dip...

"Oh Picy!" (aka "spicy")

One the chips were gone from the basket, she had no problem
barking orders to us and the wait staff for, "More
chips and salsa PLEASE!"

3. Favorite song: "Live While We're Young" by One Direction. Avery's favorite line from this song..."Crazy, crazy, crazy!" to which you have to shake your hair like crazy when you say it!

4. Favorite word: "Sit sink, please." As you can imagine...from above!

5. Favorite book: Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr with Chef Chad Sarno. You all know I'm a huge Kris Carr fan, so one day when looking at her cookbook Avery asked to see it. From there we began talking about all the people shown and the pictures of various foods.  After that she happily greeted Kris on the cover and proceeded to name all the people, animals, and meals inside. "Where Chad go? Hi cow! Bye Kris!" are some of her favorite phrases to say as she flips through this not-so-typical toddler read. ( :

"Where Kris go?"

Other fun events: One highlight of this month was Thanksgiving, which brought about a funny mood in you know who...

She had fun hanging out with all of our family members, here she is with my younger brother Austin.

Smiles with Uncle Austin.

20 Months

Time to move into the twenties...

Don't mind the hummus and carrots she's eating!

"Do you guys see I'm 20 months old now?"

1. Favorite thing to do: Play at her pretend kitchen. As you can see from the pictures above, one of the big items she got for Christmas was a pretend kitchen! The style of this one fit her perfectly. After sitting at the sink for a few months, we knew that it was time to take her pretend play to the next level with this fun toy. It was quite a hit and provides hours of fun and play for everyone, as well as many tasty, imaginary dishes.

Striking a pose with her new kitchen on Christmas morning.

Clean kitchen...

Crazy kitchen! 

"Just cookin'...nothing to see here!"

"And washing my hands 

2. Favorite food: Pasta in any way, shape, or form! "Noodles" as she calls them. Whether they are in spaghetti sauce, vegan cheese, or loaded with veggies...she has no problem eating them right up!

"Yup! I love my noodles."

Did someone say One Direction, "Crazy, crazy, crazy!"
Would you look at that long hair!

3. Favorite song: "Five By" by Train on Sesame Street. We stumbled upon this one while watching Sesame Street one day and it was an instant classic because she jumped up from playing and began dancing around the room. We have watched this on our DVR, iPods, and laptop more times than you can imagine and yet Avery still loves to move and groove to it. Even better, it's really helped improve her counting skills!

4. Favorite book: Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons  by James Dean. This is a favorite one in my preschool classroom, and after just a few listens to it at home I caught her singing, "My buttons, my groovy buttons!" If you haven't read Pete the Cat books yet, I can't reccomend them more..not only are they fun for kids, but they are fun for adults to read as well. You can also find us dancing around the house to the song version of the book, available free on their website.

5. Favorite word: "Set it right there!" Usually in reference to something she wants to play with or eat...I'll show it to her and she'll say, "Okay Mommy, sit it right there." Blueberries: "Sit it right there." Veggie Straws: "Sit it right there." TV remote: "Sit it right there."

Other fun events: Christmas! Christmas this year had much more excitement and anticipation than the year before, mainly because we knew how excited Avery would be to open her presents and take part in Christmas festivities. So when Christmas morning came, we could hardly stand the wait to get her downstairs to open her presents.  Her reaction is priceless...

Here's some of the fun we had throughout the holiday season.
Christmas 2012

Seeing Santa did not go nearly as well as it did the first year, when she sat there happily looking at his beard.  This year, she was excited to see him, but when the girl in front of us was crying and refused to sit on his lap...Avery got suspicious. "You want me to do what Mom? Sit on his lap? Did you see the last girl?!" Luckily it was at our favorite health food store, Nature's Pantry, so it was nice and low-key...if only that would have helped ease Avery's fears.  Maybe next year, or the year after that...

Meeting Santa

Escaping from Santa

Getting the shot the only way possible: with me holding her!
Another fun event we did was to head down to Crown Center to check out the "big Christmas trees" and see the other holiday decorations.  But it was pretty stuffy, crowded, and full of lines and screaming kids, so where was Avery's favorite hang out? The Skywalk, a series of indoor walkways that connect various buildings and hotels in the Crown Center area.  The best part about them is that they are all nearly all glass, so the view are bit amazing. 

View of the Ice Terrace and Mayor's Christmas Tree
from inside the Skywalk.

Here's one of the main reasons why
she loved the Skywalk so much...
she could run to her heart's content and
not be stuck in a stroller!

Just hanging out watching the traffic below. 

Never would have thought the Skywalk would
have been her favorite out of all of Crown Center, but
I love how kids help you see the little things that are
special and oh so "cool". 
Moving on to Christmas morning...

Here's the shot as we anxiously went up the stairs to
get her out of bed! 

Present time!

Pink skateboard of her favorite presents!

She loved this slide and it sure
has been great to have on those
cold winter days when we're stuck

Oh yeah, more baby dolls and a
baby stroller definently made
their way under the tree!

My favorite Christmas present? This personalized
recipe binder (mine was falling apart) that Brandon made
me which he titled, "Ashley's Green Cookbook".

The back is my favorite part with this hilarious picture
of Avery saying her favorite dinner line: "Yummy, my tummy!"

21 Months

What a goofball!
Curious what it's like to have a 21-month-old? Let me share with you what it's like...

One minute they are happy, calm
and staying in one spot.

The next minute, they are running
screaming, and just letting it all
hang out. Go girl!

1. Favorite thing to do: Play hide and seek. Walk into my house for five minutes and I can guarantee you'll hear, "Where Avery go?" and then see her scamper across the room to find her favorite hiding spot. Of course followed by: "Daddy count" or "Mommy come find you!" In the beginning, her hiding spots were pretty funny in how she would consider herself "hidden" anytime she just would cover eyes...

Like here under the table.

Or just right in front of her kitchen. Here she is right after
we "found her" one day. 
Since then she's improved her hiding skills and loves to go into closets and other places with doors or large objects she can sneak behind or under (safely that is). Such as...

The closet in her bedroom.

Our kitchen pantry.

"Found you!"

Behind the trash can.

And under the table.

The best part of hide and seek is her face when you find
her, it just lights up as she laughs and laughs!

2. Favorite food: Cheese...vegan cheese that is.  Other than homemade vegan cheese, our other favorite is Daiya cheese, it's gluten-free, vegan and Avery's favorite.  We don't top many things with cheese, but when we do, she'll often say, "More cheese please!" until you put the cheese out of sight. 

Avery's favorite...cheese!

"More cheese please!"

While we're on the topic of food, you can bet that
 we're still sitting at the sink...who else would
help me make/taste a delicious batch of sweet
potato hummus?

3. Favorite song..."Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson. Oh boy I thought the Train song from last month was a favorite, this song is by far her favorite OF ALL TIME (all 21 months that is).  She is quite the Kelly Clarkson fan and every time we ride in the car, this is the first song we listen to. Even throughout the day you can hear her singing, "Catch a breath!" (her version of the chorus) over and over.  Despite the many repeated listening, and music video views, I actually still really like this song, or maybe it's just because I know I don't really have a choice! 

4. Favorite thing to say: "What is Avery doing?" She loves to ask this one when she knows good and well what it is she's doing, almost as if to get us to answer the question for her. So while climbing the stairs you'll hear,"What is Avery doing?"  Or when she's cooking at her kitchen, "What is Avery doing?"
Or even when she's sitting on the potty, "What is Avery doing?" The best part is that we just pose the question right back at her and say, "What IS Avery doing?" to which she'll state what she's doing and crack up laughing. Too funny. ( :

5.  Favorite book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. Such a classic children's book right? I know my preschoolers love it, Avery loves it, and it's a great way to teach letters.

Her favorite part...when all the letters come falling down.
I have a feeling that's every kid's favorite part too!

Well, there you have it...3 months of Avery in 1 long and picture-full post. Hope you enjoyed the recap. Until next month, you know where to find us, just hanging out...

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