Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vegan What I Ate Today: April 2016

Since it's been a while since I've posted a "What I Ate in a Day" video, I thought you all might like a peek at the gluten-free, vegan food I've been eating these days.

So here's my food for the day:

No time for the video? Here it is in picture form:

5:00 AM Warm lemon water: 8 oz. warm water + juice of 1 lemon
While drinking this I like to write in my journal and get my food ready for
the day to take to work. 

5:20 AM: Pre-workout snack: Quinoa Chia Crunch cereal with rice milk. 

Workout: 60 minutes of Bethenny Frankel's Body By Bethenny Yoga DVD. Never mind that big blue, red, and yellow thing in the background...that's my girls' bouncy house and this is what it looks like when it's deflated. 

This DVD gives me such a good stretch. 

Here's a preview of the workout DVD...

Then I come upstairs and make my breakfast smoothie...

For this one I have: 1 scoop Sunwarrior Chocolate Warrior Blend, 1 1/2 Tbs. Vitamineral Greens powder, 3/4 cup Trader Joe's Rice Drink, 3 frozen banana halves, and 5 frozen strawberries, and a handful of spinach.

I blend it all up and pour it into my mega mug and leave a little in a bowl for Mila to have for her breakfast.
7:30 AM: Breakfast smoothie. I make one smoothie and share a portion with
Mila (as Avery is not a fan).
With my smoothie buddy.

After I leave for work, I oil pull in the car. In case you don't know, oil pulling is where you swoosh coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes or so and then spit it out. It can help improve oral health as well as helping your body detox, among other issues. Here's a post I did a while back on the topic, "Oil Pulling: What is it & How to do it."

Just oil pulling while I drive.

9:15 AM: Morning snack #1: Fruit bowl, 1 banana + several organic
strawberries.  Other than my smoothie in the morning, this is the only fruit I eat all day
as it seems to mess with my digestive system if I eat it later in the day
and combine it with other food. 
Then around 10:20 AM I get ready to have my main morning snack for today, which are two of my "Sweet Potato Biscuits". I like to top these some Earth Balance vegan butter and Trader Joe's no sugar added strawberry jelly.

I warm them up in my handy little toaster oven.

Then around 12:00 I start warming up lunch with my hot plate. Read here
about how and why I don't use a microwave. 

12:10 PM: Lunch: "Naughty and Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole" from the
blog, Oh She Glows with some organic corn tortilla chips.
2:30 PM: Snack time, for this I've been having
one of my favorite new snacks: a  protein
chia drink.

Chia Protein Drink

Combine all ingredients into a jar and shake well. Store in the fridge for at least 20 minutes for the chia seeds to gel up. 

Then I later in the afternoon I drive home and then it's time for green juice. I try to wait 2 hours after my chia drink before my green juice.

5:15 PM Green Juice: 2-3 stalks of swiss chard, 1 gala apple, 1 knob of ginger
3 stalks of celery, 1/2 a lemon peeled, 3/4 a large cucumber *all organic
Then in comes my green juice helper. Since it's a slow masticating juicer it's
safer for her to help me with and she loves it.

Then it's time to drink up!

In comes green juice buddy #2!
Some nights my green juice will hold me over until dinner, other nights I need something else to eat before dinner. So before I even started making my green juice I began making one of my favorite snacks: Homemade Oven Roasted Fries! Here's how I make them...

Homemade Oven Roasted Fries

1. Wash 4-5 russet potatoes and chop them into fry-like shapes. The skinnier they
are the faster they will cook, where as cutting them into wedges will take longer to
cook. From there I put them in a mixing bowl and add 1 1/2 teaspoons of
safflower oil, a few shakes of garlic powder, a little salt and pepper too. 

2. Spread them onto a baking sheet and bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.

3. After 15 minutes of cooking, take them out and flip them so they can
cook on the other side.  Place them back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

4. Then take them out and let them cool. 

Once they have cooled, they are ready to serve. We love having them
with some organic ketchup. 
About 30-40 minutes after we all snacked on the fries, then it was time for dinner.

6:45 PM Dinner: "Mushroom Broccoli Skillet" with short grain brown rice,
broccoli, mushrooms, and a homemade vegan cheese sauce. 

We love to have it with some gluten-free toast.

Dessert: Gluten-free, vegan mini chocolate cupcakes from Minimalist Baker
and my "Healthier Vegan Frosting" colored naturally with
India Tree's Natural Food Colors.

Then I'm done for the day. I try to stop eating around 7:00 or so and I got to bed around 9 or 9:30 PM. Did you see any food you like or currently eat? Share below.  See you next week for my next green tip!

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